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    Check if player was in region

    So, i am doing a little checkpoint skript that when a player passes the region it gives him money and sets his spawn, but i dont want the player to be able to get the reward everytime he passes the region, how do i do that? My code: on region enter: if "%region%" contains "checkpoint1"...
  2. D

    Region Parkour

    sadly it did not work first time, it gave me those errors: [22:39:44 ERROR]: [Skript] '%arg-2%' can't be added to {parkours::*} because the former is not an object (, line 11: add %arg-2% to {parkours::*}') [22:39:44 WARN]: [Skript] the 2nd argument is already a text, so you should...
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    Region Parkour

    yes i am
  4. D

    [SKRIPT] Formatted Countdown

    yes i do have a scoreboard setup already
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    [SKRIPT] Formatted Countdown

    Category: Skript? Suggested name: Countdown Spigot/Skript Version: 1.16.3 What I want: A formatted countdown (03:00, 02:59 etc) that works in the scoreboard Ideas for commands: /countdown start [minutes] (For example: /countdown start 6) /countdown pause /countdown stop Ideas for...
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    Region Parkour

    Category: Minigame Suggested name: Region Parkour Spigot/Skript Version: 1.16.3 What I want: I want a Parkour that i can set a region (like world edit) for checkpoints and rewards (for example, everytime you go into a checkpoint you get certain amount of coins) Ideas for commands...