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    My scoreboard doesn't update

    ok i dont have it any other way?
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    My scoreboard doesn't update

    no it says cant understand this expression player's balance, cant understand this condition : 'player's balance is not set' and there is no loop that matches 'loop-player's balance '
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    My scoreboard doesn't update

    Like this? Edit i added loop-player to the script
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    My scoreboard doesn't update

    Hi im working on a sell system. im working on Minecraft 1.20 and using SkBee, skript api, skrayfall and skript-guis. But on my scoreboard when you gain money it doesnt update. Code: On join: if {bal::%uuid of player%} is not set: set {bal::%uuid of player%} to 100 every 1...
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    I want to check if the block that the player died on in grass block

    Guys help me! I need help with my code. So i was trying to check if the player died on a grass block. Can you help me? on respawn: if "%region at player%" contains "dropperit": if last block player touched is grass block: teleport player to {spawn::1} else if...