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  1. C

    How do i give someone a spawner with preset mob

    you can rename the spawner and once you detect that the spawner with the name is placed you can replace it with your desired mob
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    Solved Tuske makes ALL my skripts fail

    just remove tuske
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    Solved When riding horse show actionbar

    modify the text on mount: if player is riding a horse: wait 1.49 tick send action bar "hello" to player
  4. C

    Skript command not working

    Idk it works well for me are u using the latest version of skript?
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    on click on exact location

    make sure it's the exact same place on rightclick on a trapped chest: set {_loc} to location of event-block if "%{_loc}%" = "x: -124.5, y: -33.5, z: 25.5, yaw: -90, pitch: -0 in 'world'": send "hey" to player
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    I need help with my custom commands.

    can u send the entire code?
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    flying when wearing armor

    You should of put this in requests do "/boots" to get the boots but if you dont want it you can remove the first half command /boots: trigger: if player's name = "lolgamerslol": give player iron boots named "&c Fly boots" on armor change: if player's...
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    Getting display name of loop-mob into variable

    I want to spawn armor stands with names (of players) that teleport to their player Can anyone help? every 1 second: loop all mobs: if loop-mob is a armor stand: set {_nick} to display name of loop-mob broadcast "%{_nick}%"
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    Solved Execute console command

    so I'm having trouble with my console command I think it's because my command has " inside of it, anyone got solutions? command /test: trigger: execute console command "/title %player% actionbar...
  10. C

    loop block on y cords

    set {_y} to y-coordinate of event-block if loop-block is on y-coordinate of {_y}: Line 1 works Line 2 doesn't Can someone help to loop blocks on a certain y level
  11. C

    Solved Chance of

    subtract 1 from {key.chance.%player%} after this it stoped working
  12. C

    Check if block at {_loc}

    So I want to check if stone is at the location of {_loc}
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    Solved How can i make this work?

    What's the problem here?
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    Solved whats {_variable}

    Thank you
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    Solved Stop Sugar Cane Grow

    on crop growth: if event-block is sugar cane: cancel event
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    Solved Chance of

    if i don't have % before : it's 100% so chance of becomes kinda useless
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    Solved whats {_variable}

    so I was wondering whats _ does in {_x}?
  18. C

    Solved Chance of

    Thx, but still dosen't solve my problem.
  19. C

    Solved Custom Enchantment Skript won't load

    I don't understand the problem
  20. C

    Solved Custom Enchantment Skript won't load

    I don't see anything wrong with the txt, try to update skript