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    Finding the owner of a skull

    I put it into the parser and this appeared. Do yk how to fix this.
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    Finding the owner of a skull

    Thank you so much.
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    Finding the owner of a skull

    Can I set the owner to a variable?
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    Skript AnvilGUI is not compatible with 1.20.4.

    You need wolvsk and the highest version you can use it with is 1.16.X. If you want a search function, use a sign. Ill check out how to do that.
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    Click on the iron door 50 times with LMB to make it break

    on break of iron door: if {_clicks} is < 50: cancel event set {_clicks} to {_clicks} + 1 if {_clicks} is 50: set {_clicks} to 0 Idk but I think this could work
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    Solved Autopickup script not working

    on mine: clear drops if event-block is diamond ore: give player (random integer between 1 and 3) diamonds else: give player drops This is potential code, copy and paste the "if" part for other blocks
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    Solved Autopickup script not working

    So have u tested my skript yet. You can remove "clear all drops"
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    :emoji_skull: bro what addon are you using. That is NOT how you add NBT. You can only add NBT data to entities. Also ur command is completely wrong. #You need Skbee for this (I think) command /test [<integer>]: trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "&4&lPlease specify a...
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    Finding the owner of a skull

    So I am making a thing where you right click on a player's head, that player gets revived. I've made the revive skript but I need help with finding the owner of a skull. I was thinking I could use metadata but that gets reset on a server restart. Could I use NBT to store some data? loop all...
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    Random TP Skript help!!!

    Ok I always have problems with teleporting. For line 11, try changing "else" to "if block at {_x} {_y} {_z} is not air:". For the teleport bit on line 6, try doing teleport player to {_x}, {_y}, {_z} in world "WORLD NAME" #OR make server execute command "/tp %player% {_x} {_y} {z}" If this...
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    Solved Autopickup script not working

    Big problem with this tho, When a player mines a block, they get the item and the dropped item. So when you write on mine: just after that write clear all drops full code: on mine: clear all drops give player 1 event-block and then add any "if" statements for specific items like ores
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    Preventing players from breaking spawners in the world

    on break: if player is in world "WORLD-NAME" if event-block is spawner: cancel event send "&bYou can not break spawners here!" to player
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    How do i make a fortnite-like building system Click on for more

    Omg this guy is trying to make fortnite in minecraft. TRUST ME MAN. DON'T DO IT But in answer to your question, yes on right click: if player is holding iron ingot named "Wall builder" with lore "Right Click" set {_center} to block 1 blocks ahead of player set {_top.corner} to block...
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    Only generate a world in 100 by 100 radius

    just go to 0 0 and set the border centerpoint there then just set the world border to 100
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    Random TP Skript help!!!

    What is the point of travelling between floors in a building? There are tons of problems with this code though. set {_loc} to location({_x},{_y},{_z}) location is not a function. Just do "teleport player to {_x} {_y} {_z} in world "world"" if block at {_loc} is dirt or grass_block or bedrock...
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    I need help clicking on a slot in my inventory and using a command to open the gui.

    maybe try lokking up skript inventory slots
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    I need help clicking on a slot in my inventory and using a command to open the gui.

    I can already see many things wrong with this code, Instead of clicked slot use event-slot and replace the = (same lines) with is and also when you are calling a specific slot, you are calling the wrong ones. Look up an image for "minecraft inventory slots". And OMG you don't need to call on...
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    Server testing!

    EPIC BACKROOMS CHALLENGE I have recently finished my backrooms challenge for a minecraft server. There are a few tweaks needed in some places but we are open for testing. I have some problems that I will need help with later but if you would like to be part of testing this game, I will need...
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    Summoning an entity with nbt

    :( Idk what my Skbee version is and I don't fully understand what you are saying
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    Summoning an entity with nbt

    wait can i do spawn 1 armor stand at {<location>} named "<name>" with nbt "<nbt>"