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  1. ZeyKra_

    API Frungee 1.0

    Version Française: Here - = First, What is Frungee ? = - Frungee is a skript that use skript-mirror to create new syntaxes or fix some non-working syntaxes with Skungee. - = Installation = - 1 - Install Skript 2 - Install Skript-mirror & Skungee 3 - Setup Skungee 4 - Download Frungee 5...
  2. ZeyKra_


    Is this addon only working in 1.15 ???
  3. ZeyKra_

    Skript and Skungee Error

    Skript Version ? Server Version
  4. ZeyKra_

    event-block is not a date (help still needed)

    What is your skript version ? What is you Spigot Version What addon you've installed on your server ?
  5. ZeyKra_

    Hide things from other players

    You Can Do client side block
  6. ZeyKra_

    I updated my skript and now it does nothing

    Version of you spigot*
  7. ZeyKra_

    [Advertising] AcidStudios

    I think you have to do your ad here :
  8. ZeyKra_

    event-block is not a date (help still needed)

    loop all blocks in radius 5 of event-block:
  9. ZeyKra_

    I updated my skript and now it does nothing

    What is tour server version and what is tour skript version ? (/Ver - /ver skript)
  10. ZeyKra_

    Invisible NPC

    I would like to apply a potion effect (without particles if it's possible) to a npc I tried that with skript-npc set {_te} to the npc with id 3 apply invisibility to {_te} for 9999 second Re-Explaining I'm trying to hide an npc with skript. it's diffcult because I wan to see the helmet of...
  11. ZeyKra_

    Solved Slot switch

    Hello, I got a problem I want to detect when player switch hand slot I found an expression with skelett but I can't run skelett on my server so I was wondering if there is a possibility to recreate this event with skript-mirror ? or an other...
  12. ZeyKra_

    Solved Citizens - Change Skin from URL

    you can use but it's not really skript but with mineskin you'll get the skin data and a npc command to use to set this skin data Can you give me a little like uwu ?? Btw I hope I helped you
  13. ZeyKra_

    Error when uses SkQuery (Load all skripts but not load cmds)

    Try to use skript2.2-dev37c or contact Skquery Developper
  14. ZeyKra_

    Solved Script help. I want my player to executet a luckperms command

    on first join: make console execute command "/lp user %player% parent set player"
  15. ZeyKra_

    A command that runs another command.

    It should
  16. ZeyKra_

    A command that runs another command.

    if you put a script in skungee script folder this script will be copied on all of your server linked together with skungee also what version of skungee are you using ? bc 1.0.13 doesn't work with 1.8.8 server
  17. ZeyKra_

    Remove Item From Player does not work on certain servers.

    use remove 100 rotten flesh from player's inventory
  18. ZeyKra_

    UnWorking Me

    1st. Send you code like this command /code: trigger: send "send your codes like this !" to player 2nd. Use tuske to make gui not skquery 3nd. for lore you have to use || or %nl% to change lines (I don't realy remember) with lore "line1 || line2" # or with lore "line1 %nl% line2"...
  19. ZeyKra_

    Skungee Help!

    I can send you this french skungee tutorial i'ts already better than nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯