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    Joining a team when the game is running ruins all lists

    Hello, I have this problem, whenever a new player joins an already ongoing game it puts him in one of two teams, but it messes up the other player's team. For example, if I was in team a and someone else was in team b new player who joined the game is placed properly into a new team, but players...
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    Hi, I'm trying to make my own enchantment ss. When I enchant an item I add it to the list of enchanted items. However, when the item's durability list changes, it is no longer visible and it no longer performs its assigned task. How can I fix that? My code: 1. enchanting the item set...
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    Saving a location in a variable

    No, save all blocks between two locations that are set by a variable, and then somehow prevent other players from breaking blocks in that area.
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    Saving a location in a variable

    I phrased it badly, what I meant is how can i add all blocks between locations that have their own variables into a variable and prevent another player from breaking blocks in a location which is in a variable.
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    Saving a location in a variable

    Hello, I'm having trouble saving a location in a variable which theoretically should prevent other players from breaking blocks in that area except for the player who created that variable.
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    On break event

    Hey, so I'm trying to create some sort of skript to define protected areas. My problem is, how can I tell the game if a certain area is already protected from other players and cancel their breaking events? My code: 1. selecting area which I'll want to protect: on rightclick: set {_restool}...
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    Regenerating map

    Hmm, but cloned world's name isn't the same as the last one so my, for example, spawn point variables would have to be changed too. I've found something about structures but I'm not sure, how can I load them properly.
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    Regenerating map

    Hello, is it possible to somehow regenerate a map after it's done being used in a minigame? I've tried with schematics but there aren't any up-to-date addons with that feature.
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    Solved Sorting into teams

    It works now, thank you.
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    Solved Sorting into teams

    [00:02:27 INFO]: Line 78: ( [00:02:27 INFO]: The function 'mod' requires at least 2 arguments, but only 1 is given. [00:02:27 INFO]: Line: if mod(loop-value/2) is not 0: [00:02:27 INFO]: [00:02:27 INFO]: Line 82: ( [00:02:27 INFO]: 'else' has to be placed just...
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    Solved Sorting into teams

    Hello, I've been trying to create a basic skyflag minigame skript, but I ran into a problem. I don't know how to sort player 1 to team a and player 2 to team b and again player 3 to team a, etc. every 20 ticks: if size of {sf.players::*} > 1: if {sf.running} is false: set...
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    On break

    This isn't working, i still can break blocks around that location.
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    On break

    Hello, can someone help me create this sort of spawn protection skript in a specific location? This skript would cancel the breaking event if the player is in that location and 10 blocks around it. Code that I've tried: on break: if player's location is within 10 blocks of {locas}...
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    on death event

    Hello everyone, I have this weird bug. A few months ago I was really into skript, etc and then I stopped playing Minecraft until now and I've made my simple kitpvp and I remember my skript working perfectly fine back then but whenever I try to load it gives me an error saying on death cannot be...
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    Virtual chest

    Hello, I've been trying to make a virtual chest skript but I keep failing at it:/ I've tried looking through forums and stuff but still, no luck:/ Here's the code I've tried using: on npc right click: if citizen is named "&c&lSaugykla": open chest with 6 rows named "Saugykla" to...
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    need help with on rightclick event

    Hello, I don't quite understand one thing about this event:/ Well you see I made my sign sell system with it and it worked fine for 2 items but when I tried to add 3 items it doesn't work anymore and the code is still completely the same idk why:/ Its works only one time when its placed but then...
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    On place event

    Hello, I've two questions regarding this event so first: How can I configure it so I could break blocks in a specific region but nowhere else? my code: on break: if "%region at player%" contains "minec": else: cancel event if player does not have permission ""...
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    If player is in a specific server

    Hello, I been searching on google but still couldn't find a solution for my problem. What I'm trying to do is check if the player is playing in a specific server such as a hub so if I used command /hub in the hub server it wouldn't just teleport me again. My code: command hub: trigger: if...