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    Solved Error with %player%

    are you trying to store the name of the player or the player himself in that variable?
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    Help with Schematics

    Im trying to find a skript add-on that can save and paste schematics. I already have tried Skematic. Newest version just kills my server when i do /sk reload, older versions work but they don't save the schematic properly (internal error while executing this command). I would appreciate some...
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    region help

    if something with commands doesn't work, look in the console for errors. make console execute command "/rg flag __global__ -w world pvp allow" replace "world" with the name of your world if you use multiverse, if not just leave it like that
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    Currency converter (1000 to 1k)

    its really simple. i think lol try: command /money: trigger: if {money.%player%} is more than 999: set {_m} to ({money.%player%} / 1000) message "&aYour Balance is &b%{_m}%k!" else: message "&aYour Balance is &b%{money.%player%}%!"
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    Solved Error with %player%

    Tell me your Skript version, and your server version. The same thing happens if you have the latest skript version on 1.8.8, it just gets errors on everything like "can't understand this event: 'on jump' " or "can't understand this effect 'set {var} to 20' "