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  1. DanRub

    Help On place of block

    So what do you really need help with? The block to dissapear after 10 seconds or what?
  2. DanRub

    Skript developer for hire

    Hey, if you are making minecraft server and you are planning to make skript codes but you are just beginner i can make some codes for you, or teach you the basic things. I can make easier codes for free but some hard ones for some small amount of cash, if you are interested, reply with your...
  3. DanRub

    Random integer

    Ye sorry, i put that 2 loops by accident.
  4. DanRub

    Random integer

    Hey, i believe there is more possible ways to do it but i made it through function. function reset(): set {_random} to random integer between 5 and 10 wait "%{_random}% minutes" parsed as timespan loop all players: if "%region at loop-player%" contains "afk"...
  5. DanRub

    Help On place of block

    So you want to that the player who place the block will be only player who can break until it will be gone?
  6. DanRub

    Check if a list contains 2 of the same values

    In what case do you not want it to happen again?
  7. DanRub

    how to summon angered wolves

    command /test: trigger: spawn angry wolf at player Thats command that spawns anger wolf, i dont know if thats what you need..
  8. DanRub

    Solved How to hide enchant flag of item

    Hey, just hide all flags :emoji_wink: command /test2: trigger: set {_i} to prismarine shard with all flags hidden enchant {_i} with protection 1 give player {_i}
  9. DanRub

    Solved issue with disabling a command

    Hey, that should be easy, try this: command /spawn: trigger: if {lobbyspawn::%player's uuid%} is not false: send action bar "&cYou need to unlock a world first" to player else if {lobbyspawn::%player's uuid%} is false: teleport player to location at...
  10. DanRub

    Solved Add +1 max /home to player

    Well in that case thats somewhere with the voucher u just wanted the command which i did, its like so much things that you need to connect along. Ig i can make like custom sethome skript with things that are in UltimateHomes plugin if you want.. You know what, just add me on discord, so we dont...
  11. DanRub

    Solved Add +1 max /home to player

    Im glad i could help, dont forget to mark this post as solved. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. DanRub

    Solved Add +1 max /home to player

    what addons do you have? Or like you should Definitely have skbee
  13. DanRub

    Solved Add +1 max /home to player

    Hello, sorry for the wait, i wasnt at the computer now for a while, i tried do it how you wanted, i hope its good now. :emoji_wink: command /boughthome: trigger: loop permissions of player: set {_p::*} to split loop-value at "." if {_p::1} is "ultimatehomes"...
  14. DanRub

    Solved Add +1 max /home to player

    Okay, in that case your code should look like this, i made some notes for you on the side of the code, so just follow them and you should be good. on right click with nametag: #Instead of nametag put what item is your voucher - if its nametag then let it be if name of tool of player is...
  15. DanRub

    Solved Add +1 max /home to player

    Oh so you just need to after they right click it it will send console command "/boughthome" In that case i need to know what block or Material is the voucher from, and name of the voucher
  16. DanRub

    Quest in progress

    Yes, it is possible, you just need to set variable by each quest or however I should say it. After you will just check if player DOES have the requieremnts, if yes check how many and thenset variable to it and place it in the requiremnts section. After player will have all just enchant the book.
  17. DanRub

    Solved Add +1 max /home to player

    Hi, very nice description of what you use and what you need, but I still have a question about how exactly you want it to work. When people buy a voucher, they get it in their inventory and when they right click on it, it increases the max /home by 1? Or when they type /boughthome does it...
  18. DanRub

    CoolDown for using npc.

    Hey im not sure what cooldown do you have on mind but i would personally try to set cooldown variable before looping and if the variable is more than something it will continu. And on the end of the code i would set the variable of player that you will set to "now" and then check difference...
  19. DanRub

    Murder skript - Role select

    Ahoj, přidej si mě na discordu, pokusím se ti nějak pomoct. můj discord: danrub
  20. DanRub

    Solved Freeze Skript

    Hey, you can try this: on join: if {freezed::%uuid of player%} is not set: set {freezed::%uuid of player%} to false command /freeze <player>: permission: freeze.use permission message: &cYou do not have permissions to do this! trigger: if {freezed::%uuid of...