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  1. Danbo

    Solved Shooting a particle beam with SkDragon?

    I just got SkDragon and couldn't find a tutorial on how to do so. Could someone show me how? Thanks! NVM I figured out how. :P
  2. Danbo


    Well, I thought about making a spell that would explode after a certain distance or hitting a mob/wall. bump
  3. Danbo


    If anyone figures it out can they post it here? Thanks! Alright if anyone finds out how to do it, can you please send it in this fourm? Thanks!
  4. Danbo


    Like if you right-click with an item, it shoots out a beam of particles.
  5. Danbo


    Anyone know how to raycast with script? I’ve searched the forums and currently no one has made a thread on it. Any help would be nice.