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    Simple Code help

    The console is constantly showing this: [WARN] CPU usage of placeholder %locate_zone% is 30%. It will most likely cause problems. Try increasing refresh interval.
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    Simple Code help

    Thank you really much! It works. And yes, my code and indendation is quite horrible, i'm way too begginer at this. Thank you again.
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    Simple Code help

    I don't know skbee. It would be the 10 line, just in case.
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    Simple Code help

    I wanted to create a Placeholder with the skript, afterwards I would use it in the TAB plugin, where I can edit the scoreboard, and the line with the PlaceHolder is going to be updated because of it.
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    Simple Code help

    Hi! I was trying to make a code that shows the region's name the player is in. It is harder that it looks because I could just use %worldguard_region_name_capitalized% in the Scoreboard (because I want it to be shown in the Scoreboard) but it doesn't show anything when you are in the Wilderness...
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    My first post! Help with Towny perms and skript

    Hi! This is my first post and I have a simple idea I use the Towny plugin as a protection and a kind of factions system in my server, but it is a mods server as well, and I have de Gravestones mod. When you raid a base and someone of the opponents in its base dies, the gravestone holds the whole...