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  1. TPGamesNL


  2. SkriptLang

    Addon skript-reflect - Now requires Skript 2.6.1

    This version of skript-reflect requires Skript 2.6.1 (or above) Bug fixes, improvements to proxies and (primitive) arrays, more improvements. Changelog: Fix Java calls to some caller sensitive methods Added more warnings and errors at parsetime Improve (primitive) array handling Added new...
  3. SkriptLang

    Addon skript-reflect - Bug fixes and improvements

    Note: skript-reflect will stop supporting Skript versions below 2.6 when a stable Skript 2.6 version is released. This means that this could be the last skript-reflect version that supports 2.5.3 and 2.2-dev36. Changelog: Fix declaringClass NPE Improve Java call errors with difference between...
  4. SkriptLang

    Addon skript-reflect - Skript 2.6 / MC 1.17 support

    Fixes: - Fix the run section effect not storing a result - Fix #34 - Fix #37 - Fix the event expression not returning the right event - Fix events not being marked as delayed at runtime - Make skript-reflect compatible with Skript 2.6 - Fix #39 - Make compiling output jar always Java 8...
  5. TPGamesNL

    [CLOSED] I'll make anything

    This shop is now open again, although it is no longer free. Reply here, DM me on skUnity or DM me on Discord (TPGamesNL#0880) if you're interested and we'll discuss it.
  6. SkriptLang

    Addon skript-reflect - Bug fixes

    Fixed parsing issues with some expressions: Matched pattern expression Parse mark expression Expr-n expression Parse regex expression Fixed issue with local variables being deleted after running sections.
  7. TPGamesNL

    Solved Drop without velocity (Skript Version)

    I recommend using a paste service next time, like pastebin. For the issue, you can either go back to your previous Skript version, or update skQuery.
  8. TPGamesNL

    Solved Drop without velocity (Skript Version)

    Do you get any console errors / warnings when you start your server?
  9. TPGamesNL

    Solved Drop without velocity (Skript Version)

    What addons (and their version) are you running?
  10. TPGamesNL

    Solved Drop without velocity (Skript Version)

    Can you send your full console log when that happens?
  11. TPGamesNL

    Solved Drop without velocity (Skript Version)

    Check your console and send the error you find. If there is none, explain what isn't working.
  12. TPGamesNL

    Solved Drop without velocity (Skript Version)

    You said 2.2-dev26, I said 2.2-dev36. If that was a typo, there's a good chance there's a big error, send it.
  13. TPGamesNL

    Solved Drop without velocity (Skript Version)

    I recommend you use 2.2-dev36. You can check your version with /version Skript. See EffDrop: drop %item types/experience points% [%directions% %locations%] without velocity
  14. TPGamesNL

    Solved Skript Reload Console Error.

    Send the whole error, you cut off the top
  15. SkriptLang

    Addon skript-reflect - Fixes and features

    Fixed: Fixed setting raw expression to multiple values. Fixed local variables being deleted with delayed effects. Fixed NPE for varargs methods with a single given argument. Fixed startup error on 1.13 and 1.14. Fixed reflective events firing twice. Fixed NPE with expression-expression where...
  16. TPGamesNL

    MySQL Error?

    Should be fixed already:
  17. TPGamesNL

    Solved Execute PHP Script on Website

    Reqn has Last Response, which gives you a lot of info about the response (message / broadcast it)
  18. TPGamesNL

    Solved Execute PHP Script on Website

    Have you looked at the http response? It'll probably have more information
  19. TPGamesNL

    Solved Just why did you that ? (Blocks)

    Take a look at ExprRawName
  20. TPGamesNL