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    Sleigh Ride

    Hello, I have a question,how do I make a sled ride, on an armorstand, and that it looks at where the player is looking, and then it moves with the player, so it adjusts the yaw and pitch of the player. With the speed of the sled in a constant action bar, and that at the end the armorstands are...
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    Sound from an minecart or armor stand

    Hello, I have a question, I'm looking for a way to play a sound effect when an armor stand or minecart passes by. In other words, a model in the shape of a roller coaster cart, and when he drives by he makes a moving cart sound. Is there a way to do that? I'd like to hear it from you...
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    Solved Save Argument in a list

    hello, how do I turn an argument into a variable, and then put it in a list, and how can I load that argument back from that list? as an example: I've entered an argument, /engineer create name. I save it in a list. Then I type /engineer edit name, and if I enter the same name as what I saved...