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  1. K

    Solved Location changes to another world

    First of all, thank you for your time of helping me. I set a location with set {spawn::%arg-1%} to player's location and then i teleport to the location using teleport player to {spawn::%{_map}%} where {_map} is the arg-1 in the first code. Im using multiverse to make different worlds for this...
  2. K

    how can i add an item to a list with a command?

    Hello, i'm making a supply drop skript, but i cant get the item spawning to work. The problem I have is that when i try to add the item im holding with a command it adds something called "item stack" instead, and it makes no items spawn. This is as far ive got (This is what i need help with)...
  3. K

    Supply drop help

    yep, that was it. how do i fix this?
  4. K

    Supply drop help

    Skript mirror is already installed.
  5. K

    Supply drop help

    Thank you, I do tho get 2 errors Error 1: "Can't understand this condition/effect: {_block}.setDropItem(false);" Error 2: "Can't compare '{_block}.isOnGround() with a boolean', line 31: while {_block}.isOnGround() is false:" How do i fix these?
  6. K

    Supply drop help

    sorry, the problem is that i tried to spawn gravel, it worked but then i have no idea how to change the block once it hits the ground. So, i set locations, but i need help with how i should spawn a falling block at the locations but then after that how to replace the block to a chest with items...
  7. K

    Supply drop help

    Ive been trying to make a kind of special supply drop skript for my server, but i just cant get it to work. I want blocks to fall from the sky and when they hit the ground they should turn into chests with items inside, so this is as far ive got: