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    Chat issue

    So, I'm using hex colors for LuckPerms, working for all things like TAB, but on chat with the skript it just turns into random colors on chat: cancel event send "%player's prefix% &7%player% &8&l» &f%message%"
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    Change the skin exept the player's head

    Hi, I'd like to make a command that change the skin of the player, but exept the head (I use skinsrestorer but idk).
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    Solved General Problem

    I really need help, I dont know if this is the good section. I want to get the prefix (like LuckPerms) but with this type of color, so like with different colors on the text. Thank you
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    Solved Help with right click

    Thank you, worked
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    Solved unbrakable blocks

    I made it right now, it will prob wont work like this, but thats what you will need on break: if event-block is dirt: cancel event else if player's item is stick: stop on place: if event-block is dirt wait 30 minutes set event-block to air
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    Solved Set redstone lamp to "activated" error

    Minecraft, ofc Cant understand this condition/effect: turn on all redstone lamp in world "project"
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    Solved Set redstone lamp to "activated" error

    Hi, I'm trying to make a skript that when it's 18:00, the redstone lamp will activate (glow), but I dont know how to do it, I tried SO MANY times, but nothing happened. Any help is appreciated :)
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    This skript in otalian, help meee

    That's just messed up, I agree
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    Solved Help with right click

    nope, still nothing..
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    Solved Help with right click

    Skript identifies item as (number of blocks) (name of block) , I dont know why it doenst work in my code
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    Solved Help with right click

    Hi , I have a problem with right click, basically , when a player right click with the item, it does work well, but if the items are 2, it does not work. on right click on dirt: if tool of player is stick: if name of tool of player is "example": make console execute...
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    Solved Fish an entity

    You want a sheep in player's inventory or a sheep that spawn in front of the player?