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    Solved Elytra and fireworks problem

    I believe the firework is duplicating because when you don't click on a block the firework isn't used. try this it should only give the firework when it is used as an elytra boost or on a block. i didn't test this code so it might not work on rightclick holding firework: if name of...
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    Sugarcane and bamboo crop regen

    Versions and addons: Skript for Paper 2.6.1 SkDragon skript-reflect SkBee SkriptGUI SkQuery SkRayfall Skream Minecraft 1.17.1 So i had this problem a while ago where I couldn't figure out a good skript to regenerate bamboo and sugarcane because breaking the bottom crop automatically breaks the...
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    Skript-Reflect Fishing how to set event state and mob catch

    I would like to know if anyone knows how to set the event state so for instance how to set the event state to CAUGHT_FISH. I would also like to know how to make the player reel in a mob. import: org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerFishEvent on PlayerFishEvent: send...
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    Solved sharpness skript

    thank you very much
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    Solved sharpness skript

    I wanted to know this specifically so like whether i can make a code for sharp 1 that will also work for sharp 10 without having to account for every possible sharpness level
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    Solved sharpness skript

    Hi! I'm trying to see which enchantments I can recreate with skript but I feel like my current sharpness skript could be optimized. Basically, I want to know if there is a way to detect the sharpness level without checking every variation of the lore so then I can scale this to any level of...
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    Need help with offhand potion effects

    i'd use something like this maybe? every 5 seconds in "world": loop all players: if player's offhand tool is flint named "&6Test": apply strength 1 to player for 5 seconds also you might want to consider an offhand attack damage attribute instead for strength so you don't have...
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    Solved Regenerating bamboo and sugarcane

    If anyone is having trouble with this or something similar, here was my solution: on break of sugar cane: if "%region at player%" contains "spawn": cancel event if block above event-block is sugar cane: break block above event-block if block 2 above event-block is sugar...
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    Solved Regenerating bamboo and sugarcane

    Script Version 2.6.1 Minecraft Version 1.17 I am trying to make a skript that will allow bamboo and sugarcane to regenerate when broken. The skript I am using for other crops is something like on break of pumpkin or melon: if "%region at player%" contains "spawn": wait 35 seconds set...