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    How to change chat Color when a player has a specific permission

    why would you try {_chatcolor} if there isnt any {_chatcolor} only in the if statements ? btw try replace {@Message} with &a{@Message}
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    teleportation does not work

    it doesnt teleport
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    gui with skript-gui not working

    So i created a gui with skript-gui but there is a error that "5 rows named "&8&lRANGOK" is not an entity type (, line8:create a gui with virtual chest inventory with 5 rows named "&8&lRANGOK and shape "zxxxxxxxz", "zhhhhhhhz", "zh1h2h3hz", "zhhhhhhhz" and "zxxxxxxxz":") i am on 1.8.9...
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    Keyall with Placeholder

    Hello, im not from germany so i used google translate to understand what you said but something like this should work variables: {timer_count} = 0 command /keyall: permission: op trigger: execute command "ecrates key giveall emerald 1" every 1 second: if {timer_count}...
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    how to make your own argument is command

    u cant make your own arguments just use [<text>] but i dont get your skript why would you wanna use if arg-1 is "something": if there isnt an argument 1 and why would you put list in the command like [{list}] just use [<text>]
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    teleportation does not work

    so i created a sumo skript i set the positions and the lobby and for some reason it doesnt teleport the player this is the teleportation every second: loop all players: if {inProgress} is true: if loop-player is in world "Sumo": if {atposition1} is false...
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    a pvp protect on rightclick but it can be stacked

    so the error is [19:59:52 INFO]: There's no player/console in a periodical event [19:59:52 INFO]: Line: send "&c&l1 Perc van hátra a isteni hatalmadból" to loop player [19:59:52 INFO]: [19:59:52 INFO]: Line 15: ( [19:59:52 INFO]: Can't understand this condition/effect...
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    crate skript

    im kind of new to skript but i dont get what is wrong with this skript. options: KeyType: TRIPWIREHOOK KeyName: "&7&lUncommon kulcs" keyLore: "&a&lJobb klikk a &7&lUncommon ládára" on rightclick on chest: if block under event-block is gold block: cancel event if player is holding...