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  1. Orangejuiceyummy

    SkRayFall - Votifier conflict

    Have you tried to restart over just reloading, as reloading often breaks stuff?
  2. Orangejuiceyummy

    Add lore of killer to sword

    u could check if line 1 is the kill thing, then change it rather than readding it.
  3. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved What's better to use a 'while' or a 'loop'?

    U could exit the loop once the timer ran out though :P
  4. Orangejuiceyummy


    Seems like u overused the maximum of 16 chars, which INCLUDE color codes
  5. Orangejuiceyummy

    Version Stuff.

    If you use protocolsupport use somewhat like this: set {_version.%player%} to player's protocol version if "%{_version.%player%}%" contains "8": etc
  6. Orangejuiceyummy

    ID based Scoreboard

    Hey, small example on what I used back a while: command /testcreate: trigger: create id based score " &7• &7Your current Level: &c" in sidebar of player to 15 with id "level.%player%" then update it via: every 1 second: loop all players: update score id...
  7. Orangejuiceyummy

    Double lore

    Check if the lore contains auto smelt 3, then cancel it.On the other hand, check it and chance the value or remove the line of the lore and add the tier 2/3 line :).
  8. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Equip enchanted armor?

    Or set a variable to the item and enchant the variable with whatever you like.
  9. Orangejuiceyummy

    Make player spit blocks

    I assume he means the llama split :b
  10. Orangejuiceyummy

    Hologram above placed block

    SkRayFall with the dependency Holographic Displays should work fine. Code: create hologram "Hologramname" at {_blocklocation} for 1 second (timed one) or this: create holo object "line1;line2;line3;line4;line5;line6;line7;line8" with id "1" at {_blocklocation} u can change the blocklocation...
  11. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Problem with Skript IP

    I have also noticed it lately, that if a list variable contains more than 2/3 inputs, the contains/is thing bugs out, but I prolly just did do something wrong. I think you could loop the list and check if the loop-value contains the ip, but I could be wrong :D.
  12. Orangejuiceyummy

    Need a way to create hologram

    Skrayfall has a nice hologram system, idk if it works for 1-7 though, go test it :).
  13. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Upgrading system

    As far as I understood, he tries to forge 2 diamonds sword with the lore he has given into one, I could be wrong though.
  14. Orangejuiceyummy

    Held item name

    Can you post your current code you use with any errors being proccessed?
  15. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Keep time at Night

    at 17:00 in "worldname": set time in "worldname" to 09:00 Adjust time to your settings :).
  16. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Kit error

    I may be wrong but I think it is due to the option. You can try to do something like setting the option to a temporary variable and then check it off the variable instead of the option. You may want to parse it as a timespan/number, test around with it a bit :b.
  17. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Send a Title to everyone

    Loop all player and send your stuff to the loop-player.
  18. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Permisiion

    Not sure if it is the cause as I cannot check it rn, but u used a : after the message, remove it and try it again, please :).
  19. Orangejuiceyummy

    Solved Permisiion

    One possible way is this one