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  1. Poons

    FAWE Paste not working

    Is it not working for you either? When I try to paste without FAWE it also gives me that error
  2. Poons

    Need Someone active to make With Me a Fresh Minigames Server

    Paid? Unpaid? Also wrong section, it should go here
  3. Poons

    FAWE Paste not working

    I'm trying to use FAWE to paste in a schematic. Server Version: PaperSpigot-"4c7641d" (MC: 1.8.8) WorldEdit Version: 6.1.9;caf0ad9 FAWE Version: 19.07.25-58243b6-1278-22.3.1 SharpSK Version: 1.6.3 Line of code: fawe paste schematic "default_m" at location of player No errors on reload, only...
  4. Poons

    Display player's health with hearts (not numbers)

    You could make your own heart system (this is not optimized but it works) on damage: set {_count} to round(victim's health) if {_count} < 10: set {_blank} to (10 - {_count}) set {_final} to "" loop {_count} times: set {_final} to "%{_final}%&c❤"...
  5. Poons

    Solved Can't compare 'player's exp level' with an integer

    try using "player's xp" on click: if player's xp > 1: send "hi"
  6. Poons

    Custom Enchantments

    You could always just code them in using a lore system. :wrong:
  7. Poons

    Solved Test if a player is actively mining.

    I'm trying to set up a while event that will run for as long a block is being actively broken. If the player stops mining halfway the while will stop. One way I thought about going this is by setting a variable when someone starts mining on block damage: set {breaking::%player%} to true...
  8. Poons

    News skUnity Docs - a huge update

    I just orgasmed on my keyboard
  9. Poons

    I'm still waiting for you at the movies.

    I'm still waiting for you at the movies.