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    Is it possible to shorten this?

    I've only been learning skript for around a week and learnt to do meta data tag to open a gui. Yesterday I learnt of 'open chest with _ rows named "_" to player and format gui slot. If I make a while to count up to 53 and then set slot to the variable counting upwards it sets all the slots to...
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    Add a second suffix

    I want to add a second suffix based on what the player sets. I am using Pex and Skript. The format would be: [Prefix] [Displayname] [Suffix] [Suffix2]: The prefix is ingame rank, the suffix is donator rank and the suffix2 will be custom tag. I can make it so the player can set their own suffix...
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    Can't get groups suffix.

    Hi, I am using Pex and Skript. The player already has a Prefix from server ranks, and a suffix from donator ranks. I wanted them to be able to set their own suffix as a second suffix such as "[Suffix1] [Suffix2] I managed to sort this out but realised once I've done this it saves so when they...