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    Setting items from variable

    if i know some js and php i will be able to write this plugin in java? How long i will take?
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    Setting items from variable

    thanks, but i have another question, there is any way to apply pumpkin blur without wearing it in skript?
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    Setting items from variable

    I've problem with these: set {glowa.%player%} to helmet of loop-player It takes only type of helmet so variable contains e.g. "chainhelmet" it doesn't contain durability or enchants. It should but i have no idea how to do it. set helmet of loop-player to {glowa.%player%} It completely doesn't...
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    How to distinguish objects?

    I made skript and in this skript i can have 2 other types items and it's work for example: red flower and yellow flower and it works, but if i will take 2 same type items like stone pickaxe and stonepickaxe it doesn't care which one it is and assign string of item i used last time. How to make...
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    How to delete block which is in variable?

    I've block in variable, how to delete it not from variable but delete it like set variable block to air
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    How to cancel the wood door opening event? on rightclick on oak_door or 71: cancel event doesnt work on rightlick: cancel event works but it cancels all rightlick actions @edit i fixed it But when i rightlick on top of the door it doesnt work, what's the id of all top of doors
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    Variables - comparison

    I tried to add block to variable {block.%event-block%.%player%} but it didn't work so i devised that on block place there will be variable {coords.%location%.%player%} and it works but how to make comparison like: If player instanceof %player% then do something else do smth.