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  1. Jimsk

    see amount of loop-item

    on right click with paper: loop all items of player's inventory: if name of loop-item is "&6$0.50": remove loop-item from player add 0.50 to player's balance This code works but only gives 0.50 when it takes all the items. I have tried using "set {_amount::*}...
  2. Jimsk

    If i helped, you are legally required to give me a like

    If i helped, you are legally required to give me a like
  3. Jimsk

    Spawn spider jockey

    Why is this is skript help? Heres the command to spawn a spider jockey anyway: /summon spider ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:skeleton}]} If you wanted this in a bit of skript code, you can use the "execute console command" line
  4. Jimsk

    Sorting players into teams

    So what would be a code to fix this, and the wait 1 tick was me trying to troubleshoot the problem.
  5. Jimsk

    Sorting players into teams

    I am trying to sort all players in a list into 2 teams, hiders and seekers. It isnt showing any errors, and seems to be "working" but doesnt sort the players into the teams, only makes them seek. Help would be appriciated, thanks, Jimsk. command /start: trigger: loop all players...
  6. Jimsk

    on break command

    Should work now, you needed to indent line 5 and onwards because of the colon on line 4, and you needed to change "make player" to "make attacker". Hope i helped ;p on damage: victim is a player: attacker is a player: if colored name of attacker's tool is "&6Exotic...
  7. Jimsk

    Higher Lower

    Category: Skript 1.15.2 Suggested name: Higher Lower Spigot/Skript Version: 2.4.1 What I want: The game in casinos "Higher Lower" Ideas for commands: /higherlower /hl Ideas for permissions: anyone can do it When I'd like it by: A reasonable time What i have at the moment: command...
  8. Jimsk

    I can`t fined the problem pls help me

    Try this: on break: if event-block is stone: give player 1 stone cancel event
  9. Jimsk

    Problem with skull's skin

    Whats the name of the world you are using? If its an external world then you could try: set {_location2} to location at {_x}, {_y}, {_z} in world "name of your world"
  10. Jimsk

    [Help] Skript Queue

    What skript version are you using? If its the same as mine, this should work: command /join: trigger: if {Queue::*} does not contain player: add player to {Queue::*} send "&7You joined the queue." if size of {Queue::*} is greater than 1: teleport {Queue::*} to...
  11. Jimsk

    Bingo in skript

    Category: Skript Suggested name: Bingo in skript Spigot/Skript Version: 2.4.1 What I want: I would like to make a bingo in skript where it gives everyone a piece of paper of which when right clicked it opens a gui with size 5 filled with random numbers. Then it will display titles of a number...
  12. Jimsk


    Ok, i think it fixed it. Hope thats ok
  13. Jimsk


    This is nothing
  14. Jimsk

    On rightclick with item

    Problem is, i use a free server hosting (cos im poor) to use it, and it is the only version i can get...
  15. Jimsk

    Bulk Sell

    I have a skript where when i right click on an item, it gives me $1, but when there are multiple stacks of said item, it takes a while and gets very tedious when you have to sell them 1 at a time. Is there a way to make it so that if there is more than 1 item in the stack, it sells them all at...
  16. Jimsk

    On rightclick with item

    it could be skript version, i believe mine is version 2.4.1 (my vault version is 1.7.2 and my essentials version is if that is necessary)
  17. Jimsk

    On rightclick with item

    hmm, i have vault and essentials, but someone told me /eco give works? can you try that for me
  18. Jimsk

    On rightclick with item

    I've been trying to make it so that when you right click on a cocoa bean it adds $1 to your balance, but it doesnt seem to work, could someone help? on rightclick with cocoa beans: if name of tool of player is "&cPoop": add 1 to player's balance send "&2Added 1 to your balance!"
  19. Jimsk

    A sell chest

    Is it possible i could make a chest that when an item goes into it, it sells it. ty - Jimsk
  20. Jimsk

    How to add something to a list

    Thank you, it worked well!