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  1. Z

    Solved Kits claiming interfering with totems?

    TYSM! NVM, just tried it rn and it doesnt work, just just giving me 10 totems every time, no matter which kit I choose, even tho i have all 3 perms... here's the code: command /kits <text>: executable by: players permission: kits.permission.skript permission message: "&e&l[Kit...
  2. Z

    Solved Kits claiming interfering with totems?

    Explanation of what the skript should do: - Every time someone buys something using buycraft, a permission of the set is assigned to the player. - If a player has a permission, he can do "/kits" and then auto fill his bought kit/s. - Only the one he bought will be displayed and working when...
  3. Z

    Custom GUI Inventory not stopping to work?

    Hey! So I created a custom GUI on join of my server to display rules, you can either accept them or deny them, second one will lead to a kick. Now my problem: Even after I accepted the rules, the custom GUI still seems to be applying to my normal inventory, ender chests etc... it basically is...
  4. Z

    Countdown formatted for box?

    Hey guys, I have a skript that pretty much does nothing more and nothing less than clearing my pvp box and resetting it‘s ore mines via the MineResetLife plugin. I want it to reset the box every 2 hours AND create a countdown afterwards, so people can see the countdown on the scoreboard on the...