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    Arithmetic Error?

    set {_stock} to line 2 of lore of clicked item replace "- Stock : " with "" in {_stock} set {_stock} to "%{_stock}%" parsed as integer set {_sum} to {_stock} - item number of clicked item broadcast "%{_stock}%, %{_sum}%"...
  2. H

    Tempban Skript <none>

    You didn't define {_waiting} so that's why it returns <none> Use this: on connect: if {tempbanned.time.%player's uuid%} is set: set {_waited} to difference between {tempbanned.timestamp.%player's uuid%} and now set {_totaltime} to {tempbanned.time.%player's uuid%} subtract...
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    Solved getting block's location from damage cause "block explosion" in on damage event

    As I said, if something damaged by "create safe explosion", I want to get a location where the explosion has created without variables. so I tried these: block's location block explosion's location explosion's location attacker's location But these didn't work at all. Can someone help me, please?