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  1. AKE

    Server crashed

    My MC Server crashed 10 Minutes until starting. i dont know why pls Help Her is the Console Error:
  2. AKE

    Where is the ERROR?

    where is the error? I can't find it! on death: clear drops set {cooldown.%victim%} to true message "&cDu wurdest von dem Spieler &e%attacker% &cgetötet!" to victim message "&aDu hast den Spieler &b%victim% &agetötet!" to attacker add 20 to attacker if victim is in "Knock1" or...
  3. AKE

    Solved How to set helmet to custom player head?

    "set the helemt of the last spawned zombie to iron helmet" ther is a Typing error
  4. AKE


    not possible
  5. AKE

    chest named?

    open chest named "name" with 3 rows
  6. AKE

    it is possible to make a Grappling hook?

    it is possible to make a Grappling hook in 1.8.9 Spigot? Addons: Umbaska Skellet RayFall SKQuery SKDragon C- Skellett *my english is very bad im from Germany*