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  1. Sovde

    Addon Skript-Particle

    Sovde submitted a new resource: Skript-Particle - Skript addon for creating complex particle effects with minimal hassle. Read more about this resource...
  2. Sovde

    Format Timespans

    Requires SkBee for the ticks of %timespan% expression, though this could be swapped out for skript-reflect or another addon. This script allows you to format timespans in a similar way to how you can format dates (%date% formatted as "hh:mm:ss"). the main function is formatTimespan(timespan...
  3. Sovde

    Script [Deleted] Format Timespans

    Sovde submitted a new resource: Format Timespans - A function for formatting timespans like you would format a date. Read more about this resource...
  4. Sovde

    Inventory Restoration

    Inventory Backups **Requires: SkBee (tested on 2.8.2+, should work on 2.5.0+), skript-gui 1.3+** You can view the source code at the github page: This script automatically saves a backup of a player's inventory when they...
  5. Sovde

    Script [Deleted] Inventory Restoration

    Sovde submitted a new resource: Inventory Restoration - A script for storing and restoring backups of player inventories. Read more about this resource...
  6. Sovde

    GradientColour Function

    Consists of a gradient function that takes three strings. The first is the text that will be coloured, the second is the hex code (just the digits, eg "88E59A") of the starting colour, and the third is the hex code of the ending colour. The return value is the coloured string. Also contains two...
  7. Sovde


    You should use the worldedit cui mod if you can, this is a mostly for fun project. Requires skript-reflect You must put a copy of the world edit plugin jar in the skript-reflect folder, too. This skript will display the boundaries of your world edit selection. If the selection is not cubic...
  8. Sovde

    Inventory Backups

    Inventory Backups Requires: skript-yaml, skript-gui See the github page for the dev version, which may have bugs. This skript automatically saves a backup of a player's inventory when they die. By default it stores 5 deaths back, but can be configured to whatever you want. The backups are...