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    TuSKe GUI bugs

    So me and my friends are working on a server, originally my tuske code worked well, but then after a restart it doesn't work anymore and here is the code: options: P: &8(&e&lRECEIPT&8) on first join: set {sword.uuid of player} to 1 set {pickaxe.%uuid of player%} to 1 give 1...
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    Clickable link to redirect.

    hi so I want to know how to make clickable link so when clicking it redirect player to a website. send "&e&lTIP > &fNot what you want? Check out"
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    LuckPerm rank syntax in Skript chat format

    Hello! I am currently making a chatcolor skript where I have to set the chat format to make it works, but how to show the LuckPerm ranks in skript chat format? Is is %group% %vault-prefix%? Please help!
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    Skript - An internall error occured.

    hey I need help, how to make a backpack with skript>?
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    Tuske GUI Backpack

    Hello! I need a skript where I can make a backpack skript, with tuske/query, so when I open the gui with /test it will let me store items into a 3 row inventory slots, and when they use it again, they can have it again
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    Skript - An internall error occured.

    well I solved it, I just made "format gui slot 7 <------" 7! lol the max is below 7 =(
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    Help with skript-holo

    Hello, I am creating a skript where you create a hologram. command /civilization: permission: civ.view trigger: if {civce.u} is true: open virtual chest inventory with size 5 named "&eCIV&3&lCRAFTER &8| &7Menu" to player format gui slot 20 of player with...
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    Skript - An internall error occured.

    Hello, I was working on a server review server with a tuske gui options: {reviewedserver.%uuid of player%}: {v1} {reviewactive.%uuid of player%}: {v2} on first join: set {v2} to true command /resetratings: permission: op trigger: set {aussiegensr} to 10 set...
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    I require helps on push/thrust

    I was looking for a jump pad for my server which I want when player step on it it push player to a specific location(I tried (direction from player to location of {examplevariable}) but it doesn't seem to be what I want). What I want is when player step on it it pushes player to specific...
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    Solved Skript Gui

    Send your codes in a text box, so we can see the actual codes, also I have checked your Skript, I don't recommend using SkQuery since SkQuery's GUI is just this addon's branch feature, I do recommend you to use the Skript addons that mainly focusing on GUI management, I do recommend TuSKe since...
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    I don't even know how to post a forum, help >=(

    I don't even know how to post a forum, help >=(