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    YML data

    I'm new to creating yml files and I was trying things until I have been forced because I do not pass this part. Could someone explain it to me and solve it? Here is the code: options: prefix: &8[&5Coins&8] file: plugins/Coins/data.yml on load: if file "{@file}" does not exist...
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    ya los acabe

    ya los acabe
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    tenemos que hablar más pero es que estoy lleno de examenes

    tenemos que hablar más pero es que estoy lleno de examenes
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    Spam message

    Hi. I need help with this code. What happens is that it sends me many messages when I continue to bite on mine: if {xp.minero.%player%} is more than 50: add 1 to {level.minero.%player%} broadcast "&a%player% &7ha subido al nivel 1 en mineria &f!" if player's tool is...
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    Chat prefix

    How do I put a prefix next to my name in chat and can I put a variable?
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    JSON script

    I have a question, How do I see someone else's money ? Here I am clicking my name and I get my money, but if I click on someone else's name, my money will continue to come out, like me to get yours instead of mine?
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    Solved Expression

    I want to make a code that when you right click you enchant the object of the hand. Code: on rightclick on a sign: if line 1 is "&Encantamientos": if line 2 is "&0Irrompibilidad": if line 3 is "&050": if line 4 is "&010&e©": remove 10...
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    Solved Help in making PvP game

    Hello guys. I need help in this code if arg-1 is "join": if {} is false: set {pvp.join::%executor%} to player add 1 to {pvpplayers} set {pvp.join::%executor%} to true send...
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    I need help with JSON

    Hello, everyone. I need help completing a JSON text.I'm new to scripting and I'd like some help on this.(Sorry for my English) Code: json("%player%"," &7&oEficiencia||cmd:/eff||ttp:&3» &b&l{@EffUP} Puntos de mejora%newline%&fAumenta tu%newline%&f&lEfiencia&fen tu pico||...