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  1. WeeHee

    Auto Removing Blocks

    It's possible, but it's hard to make. It would need some smart pathfinding algorithm, so it won't get too laggy. Maybe there's other solutions. In fact, it may be easier than I think.
  2. WeeHee

    Auto Removing Blocks

    It wouldn't work because there has to be a path of blocks that connects the bed and the placed block.
  3. WeeHee

    Auto Removing Blocks

    So if the player places a bed on blocks they've placed within the 5 minutes, the blocks wouldn't disappear. All blocks in x radius of the blocks or all blocks connected (which could be millions of blocks)? I guess it will be easier to talk about on Discord?
  4. WeeHee

    Void Teleport

    Maybe cancel the damage event as said in the request "To counter void damage"
  5. WeeHee

    loop all players - it doesn't work

    Are you sure that {jetzt.forcemap} is false? It could be unset
  6. WeeHee

    I need help in making a random block generator

    In my code I don't loop all items. It's instant and reliable.
  7. WeeHee

    Anti death itemdrop

    This should be what you want. on death: loop drops: set {_item} to type of loop-value if {_item} is not diamond helmet, diamond chestplate, diamond leggings, diamond boots or nether star: remove loop-value from drops
  8. WeeHee

    Solved Autofarmer

    You're opening a new inventory with farmersave() after adding a crop to the last inventory
  9. WeeHee

    Optional Parameters

    Do you mean tab completion?
  10. WeeHee

    plz help with my skript

    It is not possible to see if a mob enters a region.
  11. WeeHee

    I need help in making a random block generator

    After reloading your skript 2 times, you now have a list with 2x all items. This code works instantly after reload and I would recommend using it instead. on rightclick on stone: set {_items::*} to all items remove bedrock from {_items::*} give player a random item out of {_items::*}
  12. WeeHee

    how to make thing only happen in certain places

    You could use WorldGuard to make a region, if it's the same coordinates multiple times. Then you can check if the player enters, leaves or is inside the region.
  13. WeeHee

    Simple Question

    They need to know the name of the variable for that, but yes they should use it.
  14. WeeHee

    Simple Question

    It does not delete variables. Variables are stored in /plugins/Skript/variables.csv but you need to stop the server before changing that file.
  15. WeeHee

    Deadly Water Skript

    Which Spigot and skript version do you use?
  16. WeeHee

    Won't give people items

    or you could wait to give the items to before you set the variables
  17. WeeHee

    Solved Teleport player to direction

    Try: teleport player to block 8 in front of the player or teleport player to block 8 south the player
  18. WeeHee

    Solved Discord to ingame chat vixo

    This is now solved through private messages. The problem was that there were multiple skripts starting the discord bot/logging in.
  19. WeeHee

    Solved how to use plugins on skript's

    What gang plugin are you using? It should work.
  20. WeeHee

    Checking items in brewing stand

    If you mean like this, it wouldn't work: on inventory click: if event-inventory != Player's inventory: if type of current inventory of player is brewing stand inventory: if event-itemtype is fermented spider eye: cancel event else if click type...