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  1. xdh

    On touch

    touches?????? are you looking for on right click? or on damage?
  2. xdh

    Cancel Teleportation with Movement

    Save the player's location when running the command, and check before teleporting if the location of the player is still the same.
  3. xdh

    Solved How do i remove text above players?

    in the loop, set a condition, a boolean variable maybe, or metadata whatever suits your needs, and when you want to turn it off simply set the boolean/metadata to false. EDIT: Check this out for metadata.
  4. xdh

    buyable kits issue

    I'm not sure what the issue could be, but I'll teach you something, a developer's mindset let's say, debug, check the value of vault_eco_balance_fixed variable, like this command /test: trigger: set {vault_eco_balance_fixed} to placeholder "vault_eco_balance_fixed" send...
  5. xdh


    whats the error you get in console? when the server crashes/kicks you out?
  6. xdh


    Use code blocks
  7. xdh

    Solved Removing Blocks Around Player

    never knew you could use metadata like that well played!
  8. xdh

    How to stop negative durability?

    this isn't really a 'fix' but just make a function, that would damage the tool, and in that function check if the durability is below 0 if so remove the tool
  9. xdh

    Solved Removing Blocks Around Player

    loop the blocks around the player, and break them, if its a "mode" then make a variable, a boolean (true/false) and every x seconds/ticks check if a player has the variable turned on then break the blocks around him
  10. xdh

    Is loop-command possible?

    Probably not, what are you trying to do, I could help provide an alternative way to your problem
  11. xdh

    Health Boost

    you should probably read the syntax of skript, also you might want to listen to other events rather than just pickup, but that's just for later now, your issue is to do with syntax. There is no need to check if the player is alive, because it's not possible to "pickup" an item when dead. on...
  12. xdh

    Item Exchanger Skript

    first off, you would be wayyy better off using functions rather than commands, here's a tutorial on functions. secondly, after getting the loop item, check the amount of loop item, that'll do the job
  13. xdh

    Coin On Death

    listen to on death event, check if the victim is player and do what you just said you wanted to do, if you encounter errors lmk on death: #code here
  14. xdh

    skrayfall: send "" to arg-2 for arg-3 seconds

    if i had to guess it's because of the 2nd argument, you can't send a title to "text" try changing that to player
  15. xdh

    block placed is chest??

    it depends on how you place your if statements, send me your code
  16. xdh

    compare 2 items while ignoring durability?

    i honestly don't if this works or not, just try it and lmk if {item::1} is {item::2} where [{item::1}'s durability != {item::2}'s durability or {item::1}'s durability == {item::2}'s durability]:
  17. xdh

    Solved Enchant fail

    is the skript detecting the lore? / if someone has that enchantment?
  18. xdh

    block placed is chest??

    on block place: loop all blocks around event-block in radius 3: if loop-block is chest or trapped chest: send "chest" something like this, didnt test
  19. xdh

    Skript Console Error

    does the world "maptest" exist?
  20. xdh

    Help for skript creative item detector

    on inventory click: if type of event-inventory is creative inventory: cancel event send "No." Might work, didnt test it