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  1. Z

    ShopGui+ money save to variable

    1. Not sure what you mean 2. You can just use if check there if {shopItems::stone} > 0: #buy it else: send ”all stone is sold out!” to player 3. You can just set price check after the if check options: stonePrice: 10 if {money::%uuid of player%} >= {@stonePrice}: #buy it else...
  2. Z

    Solved Leaderboard

    There is actually much better way that does not cause any lag, even if the list variable has lot of data. command /top: trigger: set {_top::*} to sorted indices of {money::*} in descending order loop 10 times: add {_top::%loop-value%} to {_top_10::*}...
  3. Z

    Skungee not working on Velocity server

    Hi! I have Velocity paper server 1.17.1 I installed skungee addon and set up configurations and all.. And now I've faced a lot of problems. These 2 lines are working just fine: connect {_p} to server "survival" set {_players::*} to all proxied players So I can connect from "lobby" ->...
  4. Z

    Solved Can't remove location from list variable

    SOLVED! Chest had to be changed to some other block before trying to check and remove location from list variable. That's why it worked on the break of gold block event. Chest is not event-block or something..
  5. Z

    Solved Can't remove location from list variable

    I've encountered a really weird problem, and I can't find the solution. I have 2 different tools that I use to add locations to list variable, and the other one would be used to remove location from list variable. BUT this one (if {br.mythic.chest.locations::*} contains {_loc}:) is not working...
  6. Z

    Solved Why is this GUI not working?

    Use skript-GUI. It's like tuske and has good documentation for it.
  7. Z

    Solved Set inventory slot for specific item only?

    Thanks for the answers! I got it working like this (I think it could be better, but it's fine for me) on inventory click: if event-inventory = Player's inventory: if event-slot = 9: #Nopeuden sormus if player's cursor slot is not saddle or air: #Antaa...
  8. Z

    Solved Set inventory slot for specific item only?

    Hello! Is it possible to set slot in player's inventory to only one item? For an example: Slot 9 of player's inventory is locked, and you can't put any items in it, except stone. So the slot would be locked for every other item than stone. I've been trying to figure this out for hours. Can...
  9. Z

    Faster fishing?

    Hello! Is it possible to change rate of fish biting your hook without using lure enchant? I've tried to search for this, but havent found answer. I would like to make many different rods that have different fishing speed.
  10. Z

    Solved Execute command when one player is left

    I'm having a trouble with my skript. I want to execute command when there is one player left in survival gamemode. Example: 2 players in survival mode remaining, and the other player kills the other one -> execute command. I have no clue how to get this to work. command /resetointi...
  11. Z

    Solved Help with explosion kill?

    Thanks for quick reply! Now it says this
  12. Z

    Solved Help with explosion kill?

    Yeah Didn't work. It gives me error: what does this mean?
  13. Z

    Solved NBT item pick up message

  14. Z

    Solved NBT item pick up message

    Gotta try this tomorrow!
  15. Z

    Solved Help with explosion kill?

    Thanks! I'll try this tomorrow!
  16. Z

    Solved Help with explosion kill?

    How? Can you give write it for me?:)
  17. Z

    Solved Help with explosion kill?

    Okay so I made a really simple skript. When you throw egg it creates an explosion. Now the problem is, when you throw the egg on player and the player dies, the dead is caused by an explosion. How I can make it to be player kill. So player who throw the egg will get a kill. Code: on projectile...
  18. Z

    Solved Best killstreak not working

    I made command /stats, and the only thing that is not working is best_killstreak. No error when reloading skript. Code: on first join: set {ab::%uuid of player%::killstreak} to 0 set {ab::%uuid of player%::kills_total} to 0 set {ab::%uuid of player%::deaths} to 0 set...
  19. Z

    Solved NBT item pick up message

    I'm trying to create broadcast message of item that is NBT. I installed plugin that gives me extra items, and I want to make broadcast of it when I pick it up. Can anybody help me? :) Here is my code: on pick up: item is a crossbow named "Cannon" broadcast "&6&l%player% &fFound cannon!"