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  1. DieHollander_

    Skript crashes when I reload

    Please show the error given to the console.
  2. DieHollander_

    Creating GUI in 1.8.8

    What version of Skript are you using?
  3. DieHollander_

    GUI Issue

    Are there any console errors given when loading Skipt & TuSKe?
  4. DieHollander_

    Custom Ore

    Boy, I have two things to say: Try to avoid the use of 'on any move' at all times. Looking blocks in a radius of 100 will cause lag to your server, especially when using it with an movement event. I suggest you to find another way to write this code.
  5. DieHollander_

    Need help

    Please specify the errors.
  6. DieHollander_

    Lava i-frames

    Add 'lava' to the "if damage cause is not ...". Lava has it's own 'damage cause', that's why it's not working.
  7. DieHollander_

    Event-block's location.

    on right click on yellow glass: clicked block's x-coordinate is 5 clicked block's y-coordinate is 54 clicked block's z-coordinate is 2 #action here
  8. DieHollander_

    TuSke for BenSku's fork 1.8

    TuSKe can be downloaded here.
  9. DieHollander_

    Why doesn't skript support 1.17+ itemtypes?

    I assume you have installed the latest version of Skript. Sometimes you have to delete all Skript files after updating it, try this and see if it works. If that doesn't work, I suggest you report this on Skript's Github page.
  10. DieHollander_

    Find Nearest Person

    function nearestPlayer(p:player,range:number=100) :: player: set {_loc} to location of {_p} set {_pllist::*} to all players in radius {_range} around {_loc} where [player input is not {_p}] set {_nearest} to first element of {_pllist::*} loop {_pllist::*}: if distance...
  11. DieHollander_

    DieHollander's Skript Development

    Hey everybody! Like the title of this thread said, I'm a Skript Developer. Let me introduce myself to you: My name is Kian (aka DieHollander), I'm 18 years old, and live in The Netherlands. I think it's about 6 years ago that I started learning Skript, so I'm pretty experienced with it. My...
  12. DieHollander_

    Hiring <deleted>

  13. DieHollander_

    Solved Item dropped on water

    You could create a loop that tests if the block at location of the dropped item is water.
  14. DieHollander_

    Delete Armorstand Bug

    Aren't you supposed to kill the armor stand since it's an entity?
  15. DieHollander_

    Hide player's tool

    Why not?
  16. DieHollander_

    multiple people issue

    Hey! Its been a long time since I've used Skript, but this should work command /mlg: trigger: send action bar "3" to all player's wait 1 second send action bar "2" to all player's wait 1 second send action bar "1" to all player's wait 1 second...
  17. DieHollander_

    Clear inventory on entry of a region and when leaving.

    You can easily do this yourself, just use the 'on region enter' event, and the 'on region exit' event.
  18. DieHollander_

    Grappling Hook

    What if the player looks the other way =)
  19. DieHollander_

    Help me with Guis, putting a new item to the next available slot

    Use a list variable. When the user uses /sendapply, add the application to a list, like this: add {_application} to {applications::*}. Then, when the admins use /applications, loop the list. Everytime it loops, add 1 to {_id}. And then set slot {_id} to book and quild named "blablabla" with lore...