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  1. K

    Unknown type in command argument error

    What should the argument mean? Is it a worldguard area?
  2. K

    Take information from MySQL

    Hey, How can I take data from SQL table and use them as variables? I am already using SkQuery but I can switch addons if needed. For example: ----------------------------------------------------- Username | Code |...
  3. K

    Solved If player connects from other proxied server

    Hey, is there any way to detect if player joined from different server in the network or directly from the server list. For example, if player joined from lobby, keep him. But if they joined from the server list, kick them. So, if the lobby server is down and player joins some other server...
  4. K

    TuSke addon issue

    My code open virtual chest inventory to player looks wrong. And sends error message: [ERROR] Can't understand this condition/effect: open virtual chest inventory to player (, line 169: open virtual chest inventory to player') Sorry, I am new to TuSke.
  5. K

    TuSke for BenSku's fork 1.8

    I know, but this one doesn't work for BenSku's fork
  6. K

    Item wont enchant

    Please send your code as a code format. Like this:
  7. K

    TuSke for BenSku's fork 1.8

    Hey, I am looking for Tuske Addon for this skript version. Minecraft 1.8 Thanks
  8. K

    PAPI Skript addon

    Loading error [ERROR] Could not load 'plugins/skript-placeholders-1.5.2.jar' in folder 'plugins' org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: Skript at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins( [server.jar:git-PaperSpigot-"4c7641d"] at...
  9. K

    PAPI Skript addon

    Hey, There was a PAPI extension for Skript in the past ( However, this extension isn't working anymore. Can someone please give me alternative solution? I need PAPI to be able to display Skript variables as placeholder in...
  10. K

    Every 1 tick event

    Hey, so i ran into an issue while using the every 1 tick event. This is my code: every 1 tick: loop all players: if {%loop-player%::frzd} = 1: if location of player is not {%loop-player%::lockloc}: teleport player to {%loop-player%::lockloc} The idea is, that every tick...
  11. K

    How to list multiple values in variable

    Here you go command /project [<text>] [<text>]: permission: build.command permission message: &8[&aBuild&8] &7Na tento příkaz nemáš dostatečné oprávnění trigger: if arg 1 is not set: make player execute command "project help" if arg 1 is "help": send "" to player...
  12. K

    How to list multiple values in variable

    Hey, I need to list all the values in some variable to appear in chat. My current code looks like this if arg 1 is "add": set {%arg-2%::ploc} to location of player add arg-2 to {_projects::*} broadcast "&8[&aBuild&8] &7New project has been created: &a%arg-2%" if arg 1...
  13. K

    Subcommands in skript

    Hey, I tried to make commands with special subcommands. Just like: My code is: command /kredity <text> <offline player> <number>: aliases: /kredit /credit /credits permission: kredity.usage permission message: &7[&6&lCloud&e&lMC&7] &8Na toto nemáš oprávnění usage: &6Použij &e/kredity...
  14. K

    Solved SKquerry moving items disable

    Thanks! That works!
  15. K

    Solved SKquerry moving items disable

    Not working. [ERROR] Can't compare 'player's gui name' with a text (, line 16: if player's gui name is "&6&lNapove&e&lda":')
  16. K

    Solved SKquerry moving items disable

    Hey, how do i prevent players form moving items into the skquery gui? Thanks for help
  17. K

    Solved How do i add a cooldown

    View our skunity conversation Working on it... Well basically the stop stops the command, so the cooldown code wont load. You can fix this by adding the cooldown to every single version of the guard message. The code will look like this variables: {%player%::guard} = 1 command...
  18. K

    Working skript for 1.12.2?

    Hi, I need some working version of skript for 1.12.2. Currently i am using 2.2dev97c but this version does not support addons like TuSke or SkRyfall. Please help me :)
  19. K

    Solved How do i add a cooldown

    No problem
  20. K

    Solved How do i add a cooldown

    Just add available variable. I recommended declaring it to exact player. variables: {%player%::fireballavalible} = 1 Then add On leftclick: if held item is a blaze rod: if lore of item contains "&kL": if {%player%::fireballavalible} = 1: shoot fireball set...