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  1. Martini002

    Addon Umbaska

    Same thing here..
  2. Martini002

    How to get the economy total balance?

    Hello, How can I get the total money in the economy? This come with the Essentials /balancetop I want to know how much money my players owns. I can not believe I must to read each player file and count each player balance to get the total. Thanks
  3. Martini002

    Solved How to convert text to integer or number

    Hello, I have this: command /test2 <text>: trigger: set {_CP} to {arg-2} / 2 message "%{_CP}%" Output = 0 If I use integer or number instead of text in the argument, then it works. But I need use it as text, how can I do that?
  4. Martini002

    Place item frame with map:id in the wall

    Hello guys, How could you achieve that? Place a item frame in a specified coordinate with a particular map, I.E a filled map id 223 wich will show some pixelart. Coord 1000 60 1000 facing North At south we have the wall If this is possible, then how can I remove that item frame without drop...
  5. Martini002

    Dinamic pages, based on MySQL Query, show 10 rows per page

    Hello guys, I have many IP records concerning to my user stored in a MySQL Table, so I must do a Query like this: SELECT IP FROM ipTables WHERE UserName = 'Martini002' I do not know how many records there are, how can I display 10 records per page? Idea 1: - Store the query result in a array...
  6. Martini002

    Working with strings

    Hello guys, How can I extract a sub string from string? I want to extract the first two octets 192.16 It is possible using Skript? This is my first time with this plugin and look very interesting. Thanks in advance