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  1. H

    on rightclick on sign

    I know the solution there is a java bug sign's first charter seems white on java and you must write after 160:5 to be unstealable, here is correct code: on right click on sign: 1st line of clicked block is "[&5TreinTickets&0]" open chest with 3 rows named "{@menu-naam}" to player...
  2. H

    Set block at direction of player

    Hi I'm coding a minigame skript i want to if player near a wool; i want to wool's block at direction of player to vine. If you can't understand i can explain with a photo:
  3. H

    Very weird problem

    Is that skript gives an error or can you send a screenshot?
  4. H

    Get skywars arena [skript-mirror]

    replace sw.isInArena(player) with sw.isInArena("player") or do not import as sw and try that api.isInArena("player")