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Script Zabrid's GUI Shop Maker 1.1.0

Create custom GUI shops for your server in-game!

  1. Zabrid
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18
    Zabrid's Shop Maker
    Create custom GUI-Shops for your server
    with easy to use in-game commands!

    - Selling Items -
    - Buying Items -
    - Removing Items -
    - Custom Currencies -
    - Tab Command Completions -

    How To Use:
    To create a shop you run: /shop create <name>. Once you've created a shop you can open it with /shop open <name>. You can add items by holding them in your hand and doing /shop additem <shop-name> <sell-price> <buy-price>. If you want to remove an item go to /shop removeitem <shop-name> and click the item you wish to remove.

    Command List:
    /shop createshop <name> (zshopmaker.createshop)
    /shop deleteshop <name> (zshopmaker.deleteshop)
    /shop additem <name> <buy-price> <sell-price> (zshopmaker.additem)
    /shop removeitem <name> (zshopmaker.remveitem)
    /shop open <name> (zshopmaker.open.<name>)
    /shop list (zshopmaker.list)

    If you like or use this script please give it a rating!

    Join the support discord if you found a bug or need support:

    Required Skript Addons:
    Like most scripts, this script requires a few plugins to be installed
    before using. All of them have been listed below:

    - Skript
    - SkBee

Recent Updates

  1. 1.1.0