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Script Xannyifier 1.0.1

Advanced Votifier Lisener with levels!

  1. Farid
    Kaneki1337 - Lead Dev
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
    What is Xannyifier? Xannyifier is the Votifier Lisener that comes with a leveling system! Give player items based on the level their on!

    - Skript(My server's version 2.2-dev.25) Bensu's fork
    - Skellett (My server's version 1.9.2)
    - SkUtilities (My server's version 0.8.9)
    - Votifier (My server's version 1.9)
    - Vault (My server's version 1.5.6-b49)
    - Economy Plugin (Essentials etc)

    1.) Replace my CustomEvent.yml (The one in Xannyifier.zip) with the one on your server.
    2.) Drop Xannyifier.sk in scripts folder.
    3.) Restart your server and enjoy!

    So for the config, a folder should be created called 'Xannyifier' with config.yml generated in there.


    Feel free to report bugs, suggest improvements!
    - /votetop
    - Bug fixes
    - Improvements
    - Sounds & Particles
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