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Addon WolvSK (1.8-1.13.1) 1.6.2

Minigames, Twitter, Teamspeak and more...

  1. WolvSK 1.6.2

    Support 1.13.1
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  2. WolvSK 1.6.1

    Support 1.13 (not tested but it supposed to work)
  3. WolvSK 1.6.0

    • Code cleanup
    • Config added to disable features
    • Fix anvil gui for 1.12 and 1.12.2
    • Unused features removed
    • Fixed askyblock calculate level effect
    • Fixed the location of island which now return the center
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  4. WolvSK 1.5.8

    • Error of missing "%" fixed
    • "%player% can build" changed to "essentials %player% can build"
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  5. WolvSK 1.5.7

    • Add negation for conditions
    • Fix minigames bugs
    • Add delete cooldown
    • Fix ASKyBlock issues (on level change and calculate level)
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  6. WolvSK 1.5.6

    • Fix a bug with the lobby of minigames in unloaded worlds
    • Set the minimum of player to 1 for minigames
    • Fix an error with ASkyBlock
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  7. WolvSK 1.5.5

    Support 1.12 (Anvil GUIs & Spectate)
  8. WolvSK 1.5.4

    Add "name of anvil gui" & "text of anvil gui" for "on close anvil gui" event (see example on Github)
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  9. WolvSK 1.5.3

    Chat fixed in Minigames
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  10. WolvSK 1.5.2

    • Enable or disable custom chat format (if you're upgrading from an old version, add "custom-chat-format: true/false" in mg-settings.yml)
    • 3 new variables for minigames messages: %min%, %max%, %players count%