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Script WereWolfReport 1.6

A Report Anti Cheat System!

  1. Fix.

    Will no longer drop chicken loot after player has been reported by WereWolf.
  2. Skript errors made, 1.6 is now stable.

    #UPDATE LOG 1.6

    Fixed all errors from version 1.5 (15 Skript Errors)
    Fixed ban list
    Fixed loading time on "/ww reload" (still faster reload method)
  3. Force Report a player

    #UPDATE LOG 1.5
    Added more options in extra for players to change as they like
    Added force report
    Made it send message to staff everytime someone is chatreported
  4. /help update + many more!

    #Update Log 1.4
    Fixed kick reason of sending links in chatreport (from "Swearing" to "Sending Links")
    Added being other to chatreport (ex: player is being rude, sending suicide messages or sending a players ip)
    Added better support towards multiple reporting for werewolfreport and chatreport (/wwr <player> killaura, speed) or (/wwr <player> killaura speed)
    Added other commands to /werewolf help...
  5. Script rename from WatchCatReport to WereWolfReport

    Script was renamed to werewolf report!
  6. /watchcat command + bug/issue fixes

    #UPDATE LOG 1.2

    New command /watchcat
    /watchcat ban <player> [<reason>]
    /watchcat ban list <player/watchcat>
    /watchcat help
    /watchcat info
    /watchcat kick <player> [<reason>]
    /watchcat unban <all/player>
    New permission wrc.modify
    Fixed Scaffold detection
    Fixed Scaffold ban reason, instead of "reach" it will now say "scaffold" (the correct ban reason)
    Fixed version saying "2.0" instead of "1.1" (now updated)
  7. ChatReport Update! + Bug Fixes

    A huge bug was fixed/debug tool that was used to test the report system, used to send "<none>" everytime someone click!
    We have also added /chatreport and made it tell you everytime you reported someone, instead of saying nothing for /report!