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Script WereWolfReport 1.6

A Report Anti Cheat System!

  1. /watchcat command + bug/issue fixes

    #UPDATE LOG 1.2

    New command /watchcat
    /watchcat ban <player> [<reason>]
    /watchcat ban list <player/watchcat>
    /watchcat help
    /watchcat info
    /watchcat kick <player> [<reason>]
    /watchcat unban <all/player>
    New permission wrc.modify
    Fixed Scaffold detection
    Fixed Scaffold ban reason, instead of "reach" it will now say "scaffold" (the correct ban reason)
    Fixed version saying "2.0" instead of "1.1" (now updated)
    Added words to chatreport banlist
    Lag Tested! (no tps issue/memory issue)
    Added autoreport (everytime someone says hacker and a online player it will automaticaly report that player)
    Fixed instant report / everytime you report a player is checked (Could have been modified in the file settings, but I have fixed it)
    All detections tested
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