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Script [W.I.P] Malia Core | A complete server core skript from scratch 1.2

This is my W.I.P project as known as Malia Core

  1. Fixed glitches & errors

    Updated to newest version, fixed errors!
  2. Fixed glitches

    Fixed glitches where files where saved with player's name and not UUID
  3. Fixed glitches & added new things

    Added new security checks for Login & Register (Still W.I.P)
    Added /login <password>
    Added player directory that contains main file of players

    Passwords now save to player's main file (Hashed with SHA-256)
    Password checker for Login (Hashed with SHA-256)

    Fixed player tags when re-joining the server

    Player's rank saves to player's main file when he quits the server