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Addon Vixio - The best Discord addon on the Market 2.0.7

Vixio, The Discord addon made for Skript to fit all of your Discord in Skript needs.

  1. Fixed youtube bug and added a few things

    This is a quick update, youtube updated their api which broke Vixio's playing. I've now updated it and it's been fixed.
    -= Changelog =-
    * Fixed Command system bug with getting mentioned users in dm's
    * No longer setting grabbed messages to null after its used and setting it to null when new messages are grabbed
    * Made name of and id of have a mandatory `discord` at the front to stop the annoying skript conflicts
    * Properly unregister commands on unloadAll
    * Added option to store the message sent when you upload a file
    * Added the clone channel effect which clones a channel
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