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Addon Vixio - The best Discord addon on the Market 2.0.7

Vixio, The Discord addon made for Skript to fit all of your Discord in Skript needs.

  1. Rewrote Vixio to be smarter, way more powerful, and way way more convenient

    Vixio, the Skript addon created to fit all of your Discord needs.
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/kNHmqYH
    Github: https://github.com/iBlitzkriegi/Vixio
    Vixio has been fully rewritten! This means you will most likely have to rewrite your bots from the ground up. I would like to publicly thank @Pikachu for his large contributions in making Vixio 2 even possible, I can not thank him enough for the work he put in. May it be writing code or just confidence boosting at the start of this rewrite. I would also like to thank @Snow-Pyon for the continued support all throughout the creation, he was able to help guide the direction of the project which was largely needed when the rewrite began. He stopped many Vixio 1 flaws from making it into Vixio 2. The best source of documentation can be found in the Vixio Discord, where there are many built examples and the Vixio Butler bot with its lookup command, along with your Syntaxes.txt file of course.

    * Vixio now has a command system! Checkout the Vixio discord for examples!
    * All of the syntax have been made to make using Vixio easy! This means assumed values in events and a large cut off for the need to include the bot everywhere like Vixio 1..
    * Vixio now has its own event system to make adding new events on suggestion stupidly simple.
    * Vixio has it's owner changer like system that allows you to change expressions like `topic of channel` with ease! `set topic of event-channel to "hey"`
    * A more clean logo provided by PARA6ON#9398
    * The implementation of scopes to allow for much cleaner syntax and building like patterns.
    * The Syntaxes.txt file has been rewritten to actually be readable and usable.
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