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Skript Tools Vim - Basic Syntax Highlighting 0.1

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Ever wanted syntax highlighting in Vim for Skript? No? Well, here it is anyway!

  • Extremely Basic Syntax Highlighting
  • A short enough tag (Vim) where the SkUnity won't even try to search!
How it looks:

How to install:
  1. Copy the contents of the folders into your syntax and ftdetect or equivalent folders.
  2. Enable syntax in your .vimrc.
  3. Select a colorscheme

Why? I use WSL and I like to use vim, but got tired at looking at uncolored syntax.

Feel free to add on to the files, I can add any changes anyone makes.
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I like it! While there could be a bit more than just a few keywords highlighted, this is a great step in the right direction and is great for people like me who appreciate coding in Vim.