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- TooManyPacket timeout hack (Caused when a hacked client tries to send too many packets in order to update something like regen, or to crash the server) This anti-cheat blocks that now.
- More placeholders. All placeholders will be below.
- A staff message system. Use permissions or yaml for users to be able to see this.

{PLAYER} - The player who hacked
{PING} - The ping of the hacker
{KILLAURA_CPS} - The CPS the killaura hacker had
{PACKETS} - The number of packets they sent when they got kicked
{HIGHEST_PACKET} - The packet that was spammed the most to the server from the hacker
{HIGHEST_VALUE} - The amount of the packet above that was sent
{HACK} - The hack that the player was using
{HACKSTATE} - The toggle state of the hack in the config
{ANTIHACKSTATE} - The opposite of the above
{HACKSTATECOLOUR} - The colour red or green depending on the toggle
{ANTIHACKSTATECOLOUR} - The opposite of the above

Delete your config.yml for Vandal in order to generate new values!
Changed some default values.