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Skript Tools UltraEnchants! Free Skript Plugin With Over 100 Features! 2021-09-06

UltraEnchants! - An Enchantment Skript With Constant Updates And Add-Ons Aditions!

  1. _Mr_Puppy_
    UltraEnchants! - An Enchantment Skript With Over 15 Enchantments, AND Constant Updates And Add-Ons


    This Is Version 1.2 For The Core Of UltraEnchants
    This Is Version 1.2 For The Item Add-On
    This Is Version 1.0 For The Chat Add-On
    This Is Version 1.1 For The Spawn Add-On
    This Is Version 1.0 For The Staff Add-On


    UltraEnchants Core: No Dependencies.
    UltraStaff Add-On: Essentials, Chat Add-On, Tuske.
    UltraChat Add-On: No Dependencies
    UltraSpawn Add-On: No Depe ndencies
    UltraItem Add-On: No Dependencies

    Extra Info:
    The Staff Add-On Lags The Server Like CRAZY When You Reload The Skirpt But After That You Can Go Back Up To A Nice 20 Tps And The Skript Will Work Wonders!
    The Rest Of The Info Is In The Folder, Buy Anyway...



    Extra Download Strategies:
    To Download .rar:
    To Download Folder:


    1. UltraEnchantsLOGO - Copy.png