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A MUST-HAVE resource for any server! Packed with the most advanced, user-friendly commands ever!

  1. 1.13 Support Finally Here!

    We are back with updates and support of 1.13. Many changes in the

    + Replaced MundoSk with Kosmos, Skope and ThatPacketAddon
    + Removed Skellett as a dep
    + Replaced SkUtilities with skript-yaml
    + 1.13 Support!
    + Faster file system
    + Option to change currency symbol in config
    + more permissions for /repair
    + Fixed Teleport delay not working
    + Fixed vanish not refreshing when relogging
    + Fixed hiding join/leave message to specific players
    + First Join Spawn
    + advanced usage of /tppos to include (/tppos ~ ~ ~) functionality
    + Replaced SaneEconomy with SkVault
    + Per-World-Inventories can be enabled in config
    + Reset all balances command
    + added Sheep to /spawnmob
    + Added link to wiki in /ue info
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