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Script Ultimate Essentials PRO ✪ Essentials Converter ✪ [1.9-1.13] ✪ Over 165 Commands! 3.2

A MUST-HAVE resource for any server! Packed with the most advanced, user-friendly commands ever!

  1. A lot of stuff

    Use /ue update to update automatically

    + Fixed Duplication bug with the new vault system
    + Fixed bug with warps showing in GUI without the permission for them
    + Change UEP vaults into Advanced Vaults (Other Resource of mine) SEE FAQs for Help
    + Vault Purchasing features
    + Vault icon editing
    + Better Vault naming
    + Permission based vault sizing
    + Fixed some Skript warnings
    + Fixed bug with /kit edit not letting you set the new cooldown or price properly (Thanks to @various003)
    + Fixed action bar spacing bug with kit notifiers
    + Fixed a bug with /world GUI not showing normal worlds
    + Fixed a bug with per-world-spawns not working
    + Fixed the help menu for /setmotd showing twice
    + Added spawn per permissions group (ue.spawn.<name>, /setspawn <name>, /delspawn <name>
    + Made the size of head menus customizable to reduce loading time of the GUI for lower ram servers.
    + Made Kit notifiers have sounds
    + Made Kit notifiers action bars instead of titles
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