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Script Ultimate Essentials PRO ✪ Essentials Converter ✪ [1.9-1.12] ✪ Over 165 Commands! 3.1.7

A MUST-HAVE resource for any server! Packed with the most advanced, user-friendly commands ever!

  1. MASSIVE 3.0 UPDATE RECODE IS FINALLY HERE + EssentialsX Converter

    This is our biggest most ambitious update yet! We coded UEP from the ground up, recoding almost every single command! If there are any bugs please send us a message or contact us on discord!

    + EssentialsX Converter
    + Recoded/Improved ALL COMMANDS
    + Efficiency Update
    + UUID Supported GUI menus
    + Fixed spawn not working sometimes
    + Fixed god not working when player's hit you
    + Fix /world teleportation on top of nether
    + Fixed issue with signs giving permission messages errors
    + Fixed bank issues (not saving money and shit)
    + Changed the permission to use signs from 'ue.signs.click.<sign>' to 'ue.signs.use.<sign>'
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