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Script Ultimate Essentials PRO ✪ Essentials Converter ✪ [1.9-1.12] ✪ Over 165 Commands! 3.1.7

A MUST-HAVE resource for any server! Packed with the most advanced, user-friendly commands ever!

  1. Bug fixes and more

    Use /ue update to update

    New Dependency: Skript-Mirror

    **Make sure to update your dependecies with the ones on the page**

    + Added ue.exp.others permission for performing exp commands on other people
    + Added /commandspy back in to UEP
    + Made all the Booleans and Numbers/Integers in the config actually Booleans and Numbers/Integers instead of strings
    + Fixed /helpop only sending to yourself.
    + /invsee permission to view without ability to take items (ue.admin.invsee.restrict)
    + Made the suggest command for "/help" and "/ue help" just the command, instead of the command and arguments.
    + Recoded the Essentials to UEP converter to now use the API of Essentials.
    + Made the installer automatically turn off variable conflict warnings in the skript config to prevent confusion.
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