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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.9
  2. 1.10
  3. 1.11
  4. 1.12
Minecraft UHC (which stands for Ultra Hardcore) is a gamemode created by Mindcrack. You can only heal using Golden Apples and Potions

- Spectating
- Rejoin feature
- Scenarios (currently BleedingSweets, BloodDiamonds, Bowless, CutClean, Fireless, FlowerPower, GoldenHeads, GoneFishing, HasteyBoys, Horseless, LuckyLeaves, NoClean, NoFall, Rodless, SkyHigh, Timber, TimeBomb and TripleOres)
- 1.8 worldborder
- Config
- Action bar timers
- Deathmatch timer
- PvP timer
- A reviving system
- And more!

- Skellett
- SkQuery
- skRayFall
- Skript

Commands and permissions
Description: Starts the game
Permission: uhc.admin

Description: Revives a player
Permission: uhc.admin
Aliases: /resurrect

Description: Enable and disable the scenarios
Permission: uhc.admin
Aliases: /scenario

Description: Shows the timers in chat
Aliases: /tl

How to install
1. Download this resource
2. Download all the required dependencies (this Skript won't work without them!)
3. Put the dependencies in your plugins folder
4. Start your server up
5. Put the UHC.sk file in the scripts folder, which is inside your Skript folder and that folder is inside your plugins folder
6. Configure the configuration to your taste
7. Do /skript reload UHC in the console or in-game
8. Now you're all set, do /start to start the game


#%player% = name of the player (meant to be used in: joinmessage, leavemessage and rejoinmessage)
#%amount of all players% = the amount of players online (meant to be used in: joinmessage)
#%{maxPlayers}% = the max players that can join your server (meant to be used in: joinmessage)
#%victim% = name of the victim (meant to be used in: timebombexplodemessage, playerdeathmessage and deathmessage)
#%attacker% = name of the attacker (meant to be used in: playerdeathmessage)
#%{winner}% = the winner of the game (meant to be used in: winmessage)


#Prefix for messages of this Skript
prefix : &8[&4UHC&8]

#Message shown if a user uses a command, but doesn't have permission
noperm : &cYou are not allowed to use this command

#Minecraft time at the start of the game (day, night, 0, 5000)
time : 0
#Make the time stuck at the option above
eternaltime : false

#The size of the worldborder
worldborder : 500
#The size of the worldborder at the deathmatch
deathmatchborder : 50

#The join message when the game hasn't started
joinmessage : &b%player% &6has joined (%amount of all players%/%{maxPlayers}%)
#The leave message
leavemessage : &b%player% &6has quit
#The rejoin message when the game has started
rejoinmessage : &b%player% &6has rejoined!
#Enable or disable rejoin
rejoin : true

#Enable or disable the starting items the people with the uhc.admin permission get
startingitems : true
#Title of the starting items
scenarios item : &6&lScenarios &7(Right Click)
start item : &6&lStart the Game &7(Right Click)

#The minimum players required for the game to automatically start
minplayerstostartgame : 8
#The message everyone gets when the game starts
startmessage : &6Game has started!
#The countdown message everyone gets when there are enough players or when someone did /start
startingtimer : &bStarting in
#The amount of seconds players have to wait until the game starts when there are enough players or when someone did /start (in seconds)
timetostart : 15
#Effects players will get when the game starts
Haste II : false
Speed II : false
Night Vision II : false

#Enable or disable these gamerules modified by this Skript
mobGriefing : true
doFireTick : true
doMobSpawning : true

#Enable or disable spectating
spectatormode : true
#Kick message you get when spectating is disabled and you die or try to join
kickmessage : &6You can't join!

#The message that gets broadcasted when a player gets killed by another player
playerdeathmessage : &b%victim% &6was slain by &b%attacker%
#The message that gets broadcasted when a player gets killed by anything other than a player
deathmessage : &b%victim% &6died!

#The sound that gets played when an event (like the deathmatch) happens (the default sound id is ONLY for 1.9+)
#The sound that gets played when the start countdown starts (the default sound id is ONLY for 1.9+)
startsoundid : BLOCK_NOTE_PLING

#The name of Golden Heads
goldenheadname : &6Golden Head

#The time after the game has started until PvP will be enabled (in seconds)
pvptime : 600
#The message everyone gets when PvP gets enabled
pvpenabled : &6PvP has been enabled!
#The message in the action bar before the PvP timer
pvptimer : &cPvP

#The time after the game has started until the deathmatch will start (in seconds)
deathmatchtime : 900
#The message everyone gets when the deathmatch starts
deathmatchstarted : &6Deathmatch has started!
#The message in the action bar before the deathmatch timer
deathmatchtimer : &cDeathmatch

#The message a player gets when using the /revive command on an alive player
alreadyalive : &cThis player is already alive!
#The message a player gets when they get revived
revivemessage : &b%arg-1% &6has been revived!

#The message everyone gets when a TimeBomb corpse explodes
timebombexplodemessage : &b%victim%&6's corpse has exploded!

#The time someone can't be attacked by a player when they killed someone if NoClean is enabled (in seconds)
nocleanseconds : 10
#The message players get when they try to attack a player that killed someone if NoClean is enabled
nocleanattack : &cYou can't attack this player!

#The message everyone gets when a scenario gets enabled
scenarioenablemessage : &ahas been enabled
#The message everyone gets when a scenario gets disabled
scenariodisablemessage : &ahas been disabled
#The colour of the scenarios
scenarioprefix : &e
#The title of the scenario GUI
scenariostitle : &6&lScenarios
#The message you get when trying to enable 2 scenarios that aren't compatible with each other
notcompatible : &cis not compatible with

#BleedingSweets description
bsline1 : &eWhen a player dies, they drop 1 diamond,
bsline2 : &e5 gold, 16 arrows and 1 string
bsline3 : &e
#BloodDiamonds description
bdline1 : &eYou'll take half a heart of damage when mining a diamond
bdline2 : &e
bdline3 : &e
#Bowless description
bowlessline1 : &ePlayers can't use or craft bows
bowlessline2 : &e
bowlessline3 : &e
#CutClean description
ccline1 : &eOres and animal drops are automatically
ccline2 : &esmelted, no furnaces needed
ccline3 : &e
#Fireless description
firelessline1 : &ePlayers don't take fire damage, but still take lava damage
firelessline2 : &e
firelessline3 : &e
#FlowerPower description
fpline1 : &eWhen a player breaks any random flower,
fpline2 : &ethe flower will drop a random item
fpline3 : &e
#GoldenHeads description
ghline1 : &eWhen a player dies, they will drop their head.
ghline2 : &eWhen you put gold around it, you will get a Golden Head
ghline3 : &e
#GoneFishing description
gfline1 : &eEach player starts with an Unbreaking and Luck of the Sea
gfline2 : &efishing rod along with 64 anvils and 1000 experience levels.
gfline3 : &ePlayers also can't use or craft enchantment tables
#HasteyBoys description
hbline1 : &eWhen you craft a tool, it will automatically
hbline2 : &ebe enchanted with Efficiency III and Unbreaking I
hbline3 : &e
#Horseless description
horselessline1 : &ePlayers can't ride horses
horselessline2 : &e
horselessline3 : &e
#LuckyLeaves description
llline1 : &eLeaves have a 1%% chance of dropping golden apples.
llline2 : &eNormal apples still drop
llline3 : &e
#NoClean description
ncline1 : &eAfter killing someone you'll
ncline2 : &ebe invincible for 10 seconds
ncline3 : &e
#NoFall description
nfline1 : &ePlayers don't take fall damage
nfline2 : &e
nfline3 : &e
#Rodless description
rodlessline1 : &ePlayers can't use or craft fishing rods
rodlessline2 : &e
rodlessline3 : &e
#SkyHigh description
shline1 : &eAny player below Y-101 will begin to take
shline2 : &ehalf a heart of damage every 30 seconds
shline3 : &e
#Timber description
timberline1 : &eBreaking a log of a tree will cause
timberline2 : &ethe whole tree to fall down
timberline3 : &e
#TimeBomb description
tbline1 : &eAfter killing a player, their loot will drop
tbline2 : &einto a chest. 30 seconds later, the chest will explode
tbline3 : &e
#TripleOres description
toline1 : &eOres drop in threes
toline2 : &e
toline3 : &e

#The apple rate (in percentages)
applerate : 10

#The message that gets broadcasted when someone wins the game
winmessage : &b%{winner}% &6won the game!
#The message that gets broadcasted when no one wins the game (instead of %{winner}%)
nowinner : &6No one
#The time for your server to stop after someone wins the game (set to 1 to disable) (in seconds)
timetostop : 1
#The message players get when the game ends and they get kicked
endmsg : &6The game has ended!

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